Our Mission

Witty Works' mission is to support companies to unlock diversity and become inclusive. We do this through our AI-based language software which helps companies to apply inclusive language consistently.

Moreover, we raise awareness of how unconscious bias affects the workplace through different workshops.

Why We Started

Our trigger was twofold.


First: We, the founders, all have worked in tech teams and have experienced ourselves that diverse teams develop better products. And its more fun working in a diverse environment. By now, research has proven that impression:
Diverse teams are more innovative.


Second: The world will be technology driven. It is not safe to have these technologies created by only one main socio-demographic group. To make sure that the needs of the whole population are taken into account, we need diverse teams who consider different perspectives. Thus making sure that we create a future for all.

Meet The Team

Nathalie Betschmann

Freelance Copywriting German

Andrea Holle

Community Building

Barbara Schülé

Customer Success

Wolfgang Weitzdörfer

Freelance Copywriting German

Tracey J. Evans 

Freelance Copywriting English

Arnau Manyosa-Plaza

Frontend Developer & 

UI/UX Designer

Emma Shockley

Allround Support

Alexander Wenzel

Freelance Copywriting

French & German

Nadia Fischer


Elena Nazarenko

Data scientist/NLP developer

Lukas Kahwe Smith



We have all been working in the tech sector for many years. We've built companies and hired diverse teams. Our male colleagues regularly complained about not finding or retaining female talent. We founded Witty Works to help them with this specific issue. 

That's how we started Witty Works in August 2018. Founding members are Nadia Fischer, Verena Oberholzer, and Valérie Vuillerat.

In summer 2018 we started with rewriting job ads manually to publish them on our Job Platform for Women in Tech. From the beginning our goal was to develop software for companies in order to improve their diversity. In Summer 2019 Lukas Kahwe Smith joined Witty Works as a Co-Founder. With his tech skills, we started building our first web app. In January 2020 we launched our second product the Diversifier, a web app that gives you instant feedback while writing.

Meet Our Advisory Board

Constanze Buchheim

Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Board Member

Marco Duller-Onaran

Entrepreneur, Investor and Consultant

Nina Reinhart

Startup Investor and

Board Member

Our Partnerships

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