Our Mission

witty works’ mission is to finally crack the code for the crucial representation of women in tech and digital teams. In order to create technology by all and for all.


We ensure that tech teams find and keep female talents, a major precondition for creating better products and services, thereby boosting innovation & growth.

Why We Started

Our trigger was twofold.


First: We, the founders, all have worked in tech teams and have experienced ourselves that diverse teams develop better products. And its more fun working in a diverse environment. By now, research has proven that impression:
Diverse teams are more innovative.


Second: The world will be technology driven. It is not safe to have these technologies created by only one main socio-demographic group. To make sure that the needs of the whole population are taken into account, we need diverse teams who consider different perspectives. Thus making sure that we create a future for all.

Meet The Team

Nadia Fischer

Nadia is a founder of Witty Works. She originally studied International Relations at IUHEI in Geneva but got bored with politics. Often travelling and even managing a hotel in the pampa of Chile, she finally moved into tech because that is where innovation happens. First as Head of Marketing in a San Francisco based startup, she then became Scrum Product Owner and Business Developer for the Swiss based web agency Liip. From her role as Head of Product Owners at PwC, she got specialized in agile coaching for corporate digital transformations.

Her conviction: 

"My daughter's life will be determined by technology. But unconscious biases of mainly male programmers will create a future that neglects the needs of her and all other women. With witty.works I want to change that."


nadia@witty.works | linkedin

Valérie Vuillerat

Valérie is a founder of Witty Works. 

She is a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in highly competitive commercial environments. Since the 1990ies, she has been co-founding a number of digital services (& product) ventures and scaled those quickly. Being a designer at heart with a degree in Human Computer Interaction Design, she has a personal mission: to raise awareness for the significant ROI of diversity. 

Her conviction: 

"There is an increasing number of companies that are more successful through cleverly orchestrated diversity. With witty works, I become a pioneer precisely for that."


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Andrea Holle

As a communications specialist, Andrea is in charge of witty works' social media channels, making sure women in tech are being seen. Andrea studied Business Communication at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and completed the CAS Marketing and Corporate Communication at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences.


Prior to founding the only smartphone film festival in Switzerland - Mobile Motion,  she worked as a PR officer at ETH Zurich.

Her conviction: 

"There have never been as many well educated women in this world, ready to add their skills and knowledge to businesses. With witty works I want to help women overcome challenges they face when working in the traditionally male-dominated tech field."

andrea@witty.works Linkedin


We have all been working in the tech sector for many years. We build companies and hired diverse teams. Our male colleagues regularly complained about not finding or retaining female talent. We founded Witty Works to help them with this specifc issue. 

Thats how we started Witty Works in August 2018. Founding members are Nadia Fischer, Verena Oberholzer and Valérie Vuillerat.

Our Partnerships

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