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With Nadia Fischer, CEO & Co-Founder

Nadia Fischer has a great skill to bring your audience to reflect about unconscious bias in the workplace or bias in communication. She has an interactive style and backs up her arguments with scientific studies from behavioral economics. In a very sensible and entertaining manner participants are brought to realize their own biases and learn what to do against them. 
Sessions are online or in person.

Two offerings

Awareness session: Unconscious bias in the workplace

Nadia will develop with participants:

  • what unconscious bias is
  • what the most important biases at work are and how they create invisible hurdles for many social groups
  • what teams can do along the employee lifecycle to circumvent these biases.

3 hour sessions for best results. 

Awareness talk: Unconscious bias in language

In an eye opening session Nadia will explain how biases slip into our language and how this prevents companies to be inclusive. She also shows how language needs to be changed to have an inclusive effect.

1 hour sessions for best results.

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