Receive more applications from Women in Tech & Digital 

Attract with De-biased Job Advertisements

Women in Tech & Digital have a different behavior when screening job ads. We reformulate your job ad in women-friendly language so that they feel encouraged to apply.

The problem

Women apply to job ads only if they cover approximately 90 - 100 % of the requirements. Men do so with a match of 50 - 60%. Watch our video to see why. 

What can be done

Job ads should be written in language particularly attractive to women. Read our White Paper to learn why.

We do it for you. We re-formulate your job ads so that they are appealing to Women in Tech & Digital. Male coded adjectives and word combinations are replaced; more emphasis is given to company culture. By the way, this new language does not deter men.



De-biasing job ads results in more applications by Women in Tech & Digital. Because then they feel they fit the requirements. 
Make a first test of your existing job ad with our debiaser.

Case Study: De-biasing Job Ads for Nine

Jasmine Schläfli tells us about her experience with witty works and how de-biasing job ads helped them to receive more applications from Women in Tech & Digital.

Approach and Deliverables


After receiving your job ad we re-word it in a way that Women in Tech & Digital feel enticed to apply. We deliver a first draft with explanations.

Feedback round

The client gives feedback to the draft. Possible adaptions are made.

Hand over 

Witty works hands over the re-worded job ad. The client publishes it on its own platform. 

The client can also purchase a publication on






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