Truly recruit & promote the best: prevent
drop outs of qualified diverse talents

Fair recruitment & promotion processes for everyone

Unconscious Bias in processes prevents recruitment or promotion of the best candidates. Qualified talents with diverse backgrounds drop out during the process. A re-design ensures that biases are circumvented. You truly will hire and promote the best.


The problem

Processes in companies are subject to unconscious bias. Recruitment and promotion, incl. screening, interviewing, evaluating, networking and wage negotiation, are particularly affected. Talents with diverse backgrounds of good qualification have a harder time to pass these processes. They stumble over invisible hurdles that are not perceived by themselves or by interviewers or superiors.


What can be done

Unconscious bias in recruitment or promotion can be circumvented by structuring decision-making differently. New measures are introduced or existing ones adapted thereby de-biasing the process. 



De-biasing the recruitment and promotion process will result in a bigger and better selection of talents for your openings. Diverse applicants won't drop out anymore. Hence, you will hire and promote a wider range of talents. 

Approach & Deliverables

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We inquire your current recruitment or promotion process and analyze where bias and unstructured procedures play. We summarize our observations in a report. 

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We adapt your recruitment or promotion process to circumvent bias. We make process steps structured & transparent. We deliver a concept paper. 

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Implement & measure

We accompany the introduction of the adapted process with a pilot. We analyze initial success with a before/after comparison. We compile observations and learnings.