A tailor-made definition of Diversity and clear targets will make you successful

Target Your Dream Diversity

Make that good mix of people happen in your company. Based on a tailor-made definition of diversity for your company, decide on targets and concrete measures. Witty works guides you to reach your dream diversity.

The problem

It is a well known fact that diversity and inclusion is a catalyzer for innovation and economic performance. But companies find it hard to actually become diverse. And inclusion seems to be even more challenging. 

What can be done

Diversity and inclusion is a strategic endeavor and must be tackled as such. By determining a definition of diversity that fits its own culture and setting measures matching its speed, a company reaches its ambition. Witty works will guide how.



Setting definition and goals will result in a clear path towards diversity and inclusion. The necessary prioritization of measures at the start as well as along the way will make sure that the goal is reached.

Approach & Deliverables

Learn & survey

While the leadership team is prepared to the topic via an elearning program, the whole staff is being surveyed on the status of diversity and inclusion within the company.

We deliver the results of the survey.


In a half day workshop leadership will determine its own definition of diversity and its goals. They will also identify pain points. 

Action plan

Based on the workshop's results, witty works will present a prioritized action plan with measures so to realize the set goals. We will present these results.






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