Unlock new talent pools by tweaking your image

Make Your Image Appealing to Women in Tech & Digital

Women in Tech & Digital often look for specific characteristics of a company while searching for a new job. Tweaking your image to become more transparent makes your company an attractive future employer.

The problem

For female tech specialists many companies aren`t attractive at first glance. Unconsciously many employers have built a brand with a communication style that discourages women to apply. Hence, they have trouble finding or retaining them.

What can be done

Female tech experts value a company’s culture, its branding and its internal and external communication. They are looking for openness, honesty and purpose. Witty works consults companies how to tweak their image so that they can reach those women visually and verbally and talk their language.


Due to a consciously steered branding and communication towards Women in Tech & Digital, companies will draw more candidates when posting revised job openings. Retaining female candidates will become easier because they feel represented.

Approach & Deliverables


Analysis of «as is» situation with regards to external and internal communication/ imagery on website, social media, events. We deliver a report.

Image goals

Witty Works defines with you in a ½ day workshop the image you aspire to and that fits your company. We deliver a designed poster on «image goals».

Action plan

We propose measures to close the gap between the desired image goals and the identified issues in the audit. We present a prioritized action plan that can be followed step by step to tweak your image.






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