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Witty underlines too many words for my taste. What can I do?

My texts look way too colorful with Witty. I don't want to get that much feedback from Witty.

We hear concerns like this regularly, and we understand them. You are not the only one having them.

That's why we made Witty customizable. In your extensions, click on the Witty icon to find the quick settings.

Screenshot 2022-06-09 at 15.17.39

You can choose how much Witty should highlight:

  • Choose if Witty should highlight inclusive terms. These are green and no alternatives are proposed. Switch them off to have less highlighting.
  • Choose if Witty should help make your text more understandable, or to give it authenticity or emotionality. These words are not directly linked to diversity and inclusion. Switch them off if you want to focus solely on diversity topics.
  • Choose if Witty should check grammar & spelling issues. Switch them off if you use another tool for this or if you want to focus solely on diversity topics.
If you have any feedback, drop us a line at support@witty.works.