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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to install Witty?

It is super easy and a task of five minutes. Just follow our instructions and start writing inclusively.

Can I use Witty at work?

Witty is made to use at work as well so that your whole team can write inclusively. Just click on the button "Contact Sales" in the top navigation. We will contact you to make a demo to you and your team.  

What does Witty cost?

You can use Witty for free on your personal computer. If you like to use it at work with your whole team, we offer different packages. Just contact sales (button in the top navigation) and we can present you our workplace offers.

On which texts can I use Witty?

You can use Witty on all sorts of texts that you are writing, be it in Marketing, internal or external Communications, Employer Branding, Recruiting, or Leadership Communication. 

What effects does Witty have?

Witty ensures inclusive language on a daily basis. Inclusive language has many effects: A higher ROI on target group acquisition, a faster development of inclusive cultures within your teams, easier acquisition of diverse talent, and managing reputation and legal risk.