Inclusive interviewing (training)

Become an inclusive interviewer

Depending on the background of the candidates, recruiters ask different questions, creating an unfair situation against talents with diverse backgrounds. In this training you will learn how to ask fair questions to everyone, enabling you to fairly compare candidates.

The problem

The dominant group (mostly white and male candidates) get asked different questions than people from underrepresented groups in job interviews. While the dominant group is given lots of room to show their potential, underrepresented groups have to work out of the defensive. Once interviewers evaluate candidates, they will feel more enticed to choose those that could talk about their potential. 


What can be done

Participants of this training learn how to design the set up of the interview and how questions should be asked in the interview to make sure that everyone has the same level playing field. 



Once participants apply the know how of this training, they can make sure to compare apples with apples. Thus they will take more equal and more objective hiring decisions.

Approach & Deliverables

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In a 3hr online training participants will understand why in many current interviews we are actually not comparing apples and apples. Due to unconscious bias driving our decisions, we rather compare apples and pears.

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Participants are given a clear framework of how they can set up an interview and how they formulate their questions in order to circumvent biases in the interview and in the evaluation. 

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Participants are asked to try it out themselves and apply the solutions proposed in order to get a first feeling for a de-biased interview process.