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We Ensure That Your Next Talent is a Match 

By analyzing your needs and culture first, we make sure that we find the talent that truly matches your team. Being deeply rooted in the tech industry and fostering strong relationships with female tech & digital experts, we can ensure that we find a female talent that you can retain.

The problem

Headhunters or recruiters in many cases are unknowledgeable when it comes to the big talent pool of female tech or digital talents. And Women in Tech and Digital often are suspicious of their true goals when being contacted. Hence, companies often receive dossiers that are either chosen with carelessness or are not a match to their company's culture. Often, short- or mid-term, these female talents leave again. Thus making a headhunter process very costly.

How we do it differently

Company culture is for Women in Tech and Digital one of the top criteria when choosing a new employer. They have to have the feeling to belong. Thus, in order to make sure that we find the right talent for a company, we first must know about its culture and needs. 

Once we know that, we start to search in our networks. Having worked in the Tech and Digital industry ourselves, we are the bridge to these female talents. Sourcing through witty works means opening up a whole new different talent pool. Once we see a match of culture and needs, we introduce the candidate and make sure that employment runs smoothly.


Because we take a very deep look at a company's culture - a major criteria for any female talent - we can ensure that we find the matching candidates at a very high success rate. Our client's search is shortened and simplified. And the new female employee is retained because she truly feels welcomed in the new company. 

Approach & Deliverables

Get to know the company

We interview the responsible people in the company about the job's requirements and the company's culture. Through that we get familiar with what the candidate can expect. We deliver a structured report of the findings from this interview.

Active matching of female candidates

After identifying potential female talents, we personally meet them to make the match. We explain findings of the company interview. In case of interest, they let us know their preferences with regards to the recruitment process. We communicate these preferences to the company.

Bringing talent and company together

We discuss with the company how the recruitment process preferences can be implemented. We bring the candidate and the company together and remain implied in the process. We coach the company and the female talent until signature.

Case Study: Match making for Interactive Things

Jeremy Stucki talks about the experience with witty works when Interactive Things were looking for a female frontend developer.






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