✅  Pin the Witty icon to your extensions and start using it.

Witty is now installed

The Witty plug-in is ready to go. From now on, you can use Witty directly on Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter and Umantis. Start writing inclusively!

✅ Test Witty right here

Click the field below and start writing to see how it works.

🏁 How to start 

1. Go to Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter or Umantis

For now, Witty works on Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter and Umantis. 

Alternatively, use Witty here.

2. Start writing

Type or copy-paste some text on one of these pages. Witty will detect any non-inclusive words and highlights them.

For example, try this sentence: Hey guys, we are a very ambitious team.

3. Click to improve

Click on the underlines to see Witty's suggestions. A pop-up will show inclusive alternatives. Click on your preferred one to replace.