Source talents hassle-free in below-the-radar networks

We Source Your Candidates in Our Networks

Witty Works is deeply rooted in the tech industry and therefore fosters strong and trustful relationships with female tech & digital experts. We find suitable profiles to make your sourcing hassle-free.

The problem

Talents with a diverse background are less visible and have a different professional behavior on job platforms. Recruiters who screen their existing networks often turn a blind eye on such talents. Or the search is lengthy and costly.

What can be done

Witty workers have worked in Tech & Digital and built a female centered network. Sourcing through witty works means reaching different networks. And in our initial talks we make sure that the candidate fits the company's culture.


Witty works draws your attention to candidates that usually fly below the radar of recruiters. Because we are exchanging information on requirements and company culture as a pre-check, success rate in hiring is high. Our client's search is shortened and simplified. 

Case Study: Candidate Search for Interactive Things

Jeremy Stucki recounts the experience he has had with witty works when Interactive Things were looking for a female frontend developer.

Approach & Deliverables

Company interview

We interview the company about the job's requirements and the company's culture so to understand what the candidate can expect. We deliver a structured report of the findings from this interview.

Sourcing the candidate

After identifying potential candidates, we meet the women. We explain findings of the company interview. In case of interest, the women let us know their preferences with regards to the interview. We communicate these preferences to the company.

Hand over profiles

We discuss how the interview preferences can be implemented. And we present you with 1 - 3 profiles of potential and qualified candidates for your job opening.






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