'Unconscious bias' Awareness (training)

Become aware of invisible hurdles

Companies find it difficult to recruit and retain talents with diverse backgrounds. Why? Unconscious bias puts up invisible hurdles. This session makes managers aware of unconscious bias and how it influences processes within their companies. 

The problem

Though many companies want to become diverse or even have concrete goals of the diversity they want to achieve, it does not seem to happen. This is due to unconscious bias. Even though consciously wanting to become diverse, our behaviour and processes are driven by biases we can't control.

What can be done

Bias cannot be 'un-trained'. But through this awareness session (3hrs, online), we become aware of our own personal biases and realize where bias influences our business processes. With such awareness as starting point, we can begin to take measures that circumvent biases.



The participants will recognize their own biases and discuss them. Also, they will learn which business processes are particularly prone to bias. The session gives companies and their employees a common base - all will know what unconscious bias is and its consequences. That way making a good start in order to tackle measures for diversity and inclusion.

Approach & Deliverables

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Listen to the expert

A 3 hour, interactive session is given to explain the concept of unconscious bias and what consequences it has on decision making. 

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Recognize yourself

Through small quizzes and discussion you will realize your own biases, giving you a different view on your own decisions and processes.

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Comparing theory and your own company, measures are identified where biases have become invisible hurdles for more diversity and what could be done to circumvent it.