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How do I convince our company's budget owner?

Do you want to use Witty in your organization, but aren't sure how to bring it up with your company's budget owner? We've created a sample email to help you explain its benefits.

Feel free to use the full email or pieces of it. We are always happy to meet to learn more about your needs and explain these benefits in person — just contact us.

Sample Email


Dear {Name},

I'd like to propose that we use Witty to unlock performance with inclusive language. It is a B2B SaaS that detects unconscious stereotypes and biases in communication. It enables companies to consistently apply inclusive language and disseminate corporate language rules. Through the daily used transport media language, employees are made aware of their own biases and can grow into a more inclusive behavior, boosting companies’ efforts towards more diversity and inclusion.

I discovered that Witty's customer base includes a diverse array of companies, from startups to large companies such as Deutsche Bahn, Microsoft, ETH Zürich, and Accenture.

25-36% above-average profitability is achieved by companies that are diverse and inclusive. The business case is growing stronger than ever. 

The top four reasons people are choosing Witty are

  1. Witty's intelligent inclusive assistant has a low threshold, but a high effect. It makes you an agent of change. 
  2. Witty detects unconscious stereotypes in your communication in real-time.
  3. Witty works as a browser extension for the most popular browsers, and will soon be part of other business tools.
  4. Witty suggests new inclusive wording, which you may accept or not. You keep the full freedom of writing.

How is Witty making sure that the AI they use is trustworthy?

Witty is currently setting up an AI ethics board, which checks their technological algorithmic decisions as well as vocabulary decisions. Witty also works together with special interest groups (associations representing underrepresented groups) to come up with new vocabulary and also check our rules. 


You can learn more on the Witty's website or try it out for free. You can find all the important information about Witty in this short presentation.

I have many ideas on how Witty would deliver immediate value to our team. Should I write a more detailed proposal and share it with you or other members of the team for feedback? Witty's team has also offered to have a meeting with us to learn more about our use cases, and discuss potential ways we can work together. Should I set that up?


{Your Name}