Witty Works supports companies to become more attractive for women and other underrepresented groups.

At Witty Works we raise awareness of how unconscious bias affects the workplace and female coworkers and other underrepresented groups. We support our clients to redesign process and structure to bypass unconscious bias and ultimately creating a more inclusive work culture.

Moreover, we build software to bypass the unconscious bias in recruitment. The Diversifier guides our clients in eliminating invisible hurdles in job ads that keep people with diverse background from applying.

Our Most Popular Offerings

Solve your pipeline problem

Publish your job openings on jobs.witty.works - a European niche job platform specifically targeted to Women in Tech and Digital and sourced from our female tech communities.

De-bias your hiring process

Female applicants drop out too early during your hiring process? That might be due an unconscious bias which 

invisibly puts Women in Tech & Digital at a disadvantage compared with men. We redesign your recruiting with you.

Attract with de-biased job ads

Women interpret job ad wording differently than men. Achieve 40% more applications from female talents and people with diverse backgrounds with a simple tactic: Use diversifier.witty.works to make job ads neutral.

Make your image appealing

Women in Tech & Digital ​are purpose driven. They thoroughly check values and culture of potential employers. Witty works supports you in becoming more attractive for women through your employer branding. 

You can't find what you are looking for? 

«witty works advised and actively supported us in the recruitment process. Thanks to their help, we found our dream candidate and were able to improve the diversity of our development team.» 


—  Jeremy Stucki, Technology Lead & Partner, Interactive Things

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