Diversity and Inclusion tool: Witty for HR and People & Culture

This software tool supports Heads of HR and People&Culture to build an inclusive culture, educate and train inclusive behaviors, and measure your company's inclusion journey.
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«Inclusive culture is a company's social 'license to operate'. If a company gets it wrong, they are guaranteed to lose shareholder value.»

Alan Joyce

CEO Qantas


Examples of non-inclusive language among employees 

Non-inclusive communication among employees or from C-level makes building an inclusive culture impossible. It destroys psychological safety and undercuts the feeling of belonging, and thus the free flow of ideas and opinions. If going unchecked, it creates a toxic culture. 

An internal guideline, showing the sentence

Internal guideline

Internal chat, showing the phrase

Internal chat

A performance review, showing the sentence

Performance review

Building diversity & inclusion cannot be done with a training

To build and live an inclusive culture, employees must become aware of everyday bias they unintentionally produce in their daily exchanges. Only through ongoing education about unconscious stereotypes can they figure out how to circumvent bias that prevents inclusive culture. 

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Diversity trainings don't work

«Your organization will become less diverse if you require managers to go to diversity training.» (Harvard) Rather: make inclusion education non-confrontational, fun, and constant.

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70% of our know-how...

 comes from learning when solving work problems. 20% comes from mentoring or feedback. Only 10% comes from courses/workshops. To learn inclusive behavior, it must be integrated into everyday work.
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Scale inclusion

Inclusion has to be learnt by everyone in the company and become part of the company's DNA. It cannot be left to recruiters or leaders alone. To be sustainable, it must scale within the whole organization and reiterated over time.

The solution

Witty makes it possible to create and scale inclusive culture at the workplace - with language. Language, our everyday tool, is the ideal lever to bring about bias awareness and to learn inclusive behavior on the go, in little steps, without being observed. Let Witty help you become inclusive - effective, sustainable, and affordable. 

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The key to on-the-go learning: Language

Language is the everyday tool Witty uses as lever for education. While employees write, Witty detects bias, helps users to fix it and provides micro-learning bites for bias awareness and to learn inclusive behavior. Employees learn in a safe space and in a non-confrontational way. 
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Scale education to all employees
Being a digital solution, Witty is rolled-out to all employees, levels and functions. Education is scaled, integrated into the workflow and available on the go. Repeated learning builds the inclusive company culture. 
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Measure your inclusive culture

Analytics give insights where your organization stands in the development of inclusive culture. Hinting Heads of HR or People&Culture where they have to act.

What our customers say

Building inclusive culture fast is hard. Traditional measures like trainings don't work and are too expensive. Heads of HR and People & Culture use Witty to bring about inclusive culture among the whole staff.

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«Using a digital tool that educates everyone about the language they use helps us to make really meaningful, sustainable and long-term change within the organization as we navigate through our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey.»

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Holly Smith

Global DEI Partner

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«I find Witty really helpful because it educates me on the go. I especially like the "why" explanations giving me insights about hidden stereotypes.»

Yuanyuan Huang
Yuanyuan Huang

Solution Specialist


«The explanations about the bias behind the words are particularly helpful. Not only does it make my writing more inclusive, but I get to learn as I go.»

Jrene Rolli

UX Writer for Fortune 500 companies

Build an inclusive culture, effectively and sustainably

Download Witty to educate throughout your whole organization.