Witty - the most effective DEI tool

By scaling Witty throughout your organization, you operationalize inclusion with ease. It makes inclusive behavior an everyday activity, low-threshold and without politicizing it. Productivity, employee retention, and sense of belonging increase. Costly and ineffective diversity training? A thing of the past.


Why Witty?

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Reduce the risk of lawsuits

Nowadays, communities, customers, and talent scrutinize companies for the language they use. The wrong wording does great harm, damaging C-level careers, brand reputation, and sales, or even triggering lawsuits. Witty prevents companies to fall into these language traps.

Got to be EU ESG compliant

The EU law of Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) obliges +50'000 organizations -  large orgs and SMEs - doing business in the EU to report on diversity and inclusion measures and impact. Witty enables you to report on inclusion.
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Inclusive Marketing as a business must

People over 50, Generation Z, women, and People of Color are and have become even more important target audiences. Witty supports brands in being intentionally inclusive in their marketing messaging and behavior.

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Prove that DEI is business relevant

Resources of non-business-relevant DEI are quickly cut in an economic downturn. With Witty Analytics, you can prove that DEI has a business impact. And you get the data based on which you can support your business leaders to become more successful.   

Witty - DEI effectivity at its best

Diversity Training doesn't work. Save the money. Train to understand instead.

Diversity training alone is not effective or even counterproductive, as found by Harvard's Frank Dobbin. Training gives managers and employees the overconfidence that they are now trained to behave bias-free. But they can't - it's unconscious. The newly acquired overconfidence bias makes them even less sensitive to their biases.

What works?  When managers and employees build empathy for underrepresented groups and make decisions with them in mind. Witty, continuously and at a low threshold, builds that empathy by making users understand the root of biases they come across in daily business life. As understanding grows, so does empathy. It's much more effective than training.

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DEI activities only have a short-term effect. Invest in sustainable impact instead.

Many organizations invest in awareness days, DEI marketing campaigns, and meetings among underrepresented groups. While these all may are welcomed by the employees themselves, does it make your organization more inclusive? In many cases, their effect fizzles out very quickly.

What works?  Organizations can change their culture if a new mindset is being built among all employees. Witty helps to distribute and educate that new mindset throughout your whole organization in a scalable way, integrated into the daily workflow. That's when cultures change. And your inclusion impact becomes sustainable. 

Non-measurable DEI? Invest in verifiable ROI instead. 

All DEI officers, as with any other function in a company, need to prove that the resources they use trigger business-relevant output. If they can't prove that, the measures, as well as the officers, are easily let go in a crisis.

What works?  The ROI of DEI activities needs to be measurable and prove that it is business relevant. With Witty, you can do both: Measure how your team changes behavior towards inclusion and prove how it impacts business.

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Easy made DEI

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Learning happening in small bites, on the job and repetitively - the most impactful way of education. 
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Pay per user as you grow, as low as USD 180/year/person. 20% of the cost of trainings.
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Cloud-based, easily purchased and deployed among all employees within minutes. User friendly design allows employees to start working with Witty right away.
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Integrated into the daily workflow and fun - making inclusion an easy everyday task. Employees change behavior sustainably. Inclusive company cultures are built.


Witty brings DEI value to your company


Help employees detect bias.

It is hard to detect bias in everyday exchanges. And impossible to train employees on unconscious bias because, well, it's unconscious. By the way, it's also not recommended.  Witty helps your employees to see where cognitive bias clouds the view. Without being offensive or forcing. 

Support them to learn through understanding.

Humans learn when they understand the cause behind a bias when they're at their own pace and in a safe environment. 
By providing explanations behind the biases at different depths, Witty supports your employees in the understanding process. Working with an algorithm prevents getting too exposed when making mistakes; it feels safe. Your employees become more knowledgeable and thoughtful.


Accompany them with small steps of adaptation.

We learn in small steps only. And the learning effect is bigger if integrated into our everyday job. Too much information at once outside of the workflow, like in diversity training, cannot be processed by our brains sustainably. 
Witty provides the bias insights and learnings on the go and integrates them into the writing flow. Via language, it assists your employees in adapting their words and learning while doing so.

See them change their behavior in real life.

Receiving feedback several times a week, undisturbed by others and in the safe learning environment with an algorithm, Witty customers have observed two things:

  • Employees get better and faster at inclusive language
  • Using Witty and consuming the learnings mirrors back on them 
This has the effect that your employees not only are more inclusive in their language. They also become more inclusive in their behavior in real life. This pays directly into your efforts of building an inclusive culture.
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Analyze together.

Witty Analytics provides you with data on your team's communication behavior. It reveals the bias traps your organization falls into. Or shows the biased expressions that are mostly used. 

Anonymized and aggregated, this data will help you to reveal unconscious bias that you weren't able to see. Based on these data, sit together with your team, and decide where you want to act. Then measure your progress. 

Features built for Teams

DEI proficiency level

DEI proficiency level

Determine at which level of DEI proficiency your employees should write and learn, going from very obvious slurs to hidden stereotypes. Covering all diversity dimensions.
Brand voice rules

Brand voice rules

With language settings and a brand voice dictionary stored in Witty, you can make sure that everyone has the brand voice at hand all the time. No more brand voice workshops or reviews are necessary. 


Witty measures communication data and bias traps. Analyze how you are doing and how you are improving. Finally, base your DEI measures on real data, and not just gut feeling.


Log into Witty with what you are used to. Set up your whole organization within minutes. User-friendly design allows employees to start right away.

What our clients say

Witty combines easy, inclusive writing for everyone, bias awareness training, brand voice consistency, and DEI analytics. A wonder box in a little fun tool.

Build inclusive cultures fast and worldwide

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