Diversity & Inclusion for Marketing and Communications

Your customer base is more diverse than ever before. Non-inclusive messaging damages your brand and impacts marketing effectiveness. Use Witty to ensure all customer communications are inclusive and marketing investment is optimized.

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«Inclusive marketing is a business growth strategy.»

MJ DePalma

Head of Multicultural & Inclusive Marketing, Microsoft Advertising


Examples of non-inclusive language in marketing and communication

Non-inclusive communication turns off target customers. Use Witty to identify and fix harmful communication before it reaches your intended audience.

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social media post

Social media post



Non-inclusive communication costs you money

Critical customer groups, including GenZ, women, and people over 50, pay particular attention to whether marketing and branding is inclusive. Non-inclusive communication has been shown to negatively impact revenue, profits, and marketing effectiveness. Does your marketing team communicate inclusively today?



79% of GenZ stops buying brands they regard as macho, racist, or homophobic.  About 80% refuse to buy goods from companies involved in scandals. 
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Women drive 70-80% of all purchasing decisions. 85% of women say that if they like a brand, they will stick with it. Women gravitate to brands with strong values.
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People over 50

People aged 50 years and older are responsible for more than half of consumer spending in the US.

The solution

Witty aligns values and marketing and supports more effective company communication with customers. 93% of marketers see Inclusive Marketing as a must, but only 1 in 10 perform an inclusive language review when creating marketing campaigns. They think it’s too hard and expensive to be inclusive, but it’s not.

Witty makes inclusivity easy.

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Detect bias

Witty automatically detects bias in marketing copy by highlighting problematic language that may deter customers.
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Choose inclusive wording

Witty suggests inclusive wording so marketers can create campaigns that address diversity in target customer groups.
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Implement brand voice consistently

Witty helps streamline inclusive brand voice in all copy. Brand voice rules are stored centrally and provided to marketers while they are writing.
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Witty assesses diversity dimensions and helps your team address challenging areas and how they can change over time.

What Witty customers say

Rolling-out inclusive language and brand voice in a consistent manner is hard. Witty, being a cloud-based Software, makes it easy and effortless.

Write inclusive copy, effortlessly

Download Witty to create consistent, on-brand communication throughout your organization.