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Witty Free Trial

Try Witty for 2 weeks free of charge

$ 0 / user / month
Elements Image Detect problematic terms in all diversity dimensions, real-time
Elements Image Receive alternative suggestions, real-time
Elements Image Consume micro-learning bites on the go
Elements Image Available in English and German
Elements Image Customize language rules
Elements Image Create brand voice dictionary
Elements Image Analytics on bias traps in communication
Elements Image Analytics on most used problematic terms
Elements Image User & team management
Elements Image Witty Academy on unconscious bias
Elements Image Grammar and Spelling
Elements Image Chat support
Witty Enterprise

Fits to complex organizations

$ / Price upon request
Elements Image Everything on Witty Teams
Elements Image Microsoft Word Plugin
Elements Image Personalized onboarding for admins and users
Elements Image Quality control on third party tools
Elements Image Privacy and Security Assessments and Agreements
Elements Image Inclusive Language intro sessions for all employees
Elements Image Quarterly insight sessions and DEI hot topics
Elements Image Private or Azure Cloud Add-on for full privacy and data-protection
Elements Image Dictionary management
Elements Image Extended analytics
Elements Image Pay via bank transfer
Subscriptions are charged annually and automatically renewed. VAT is not included in the pricing above. Terms and Conditions of Witty Works apply to all pricing plans. 

What’s the difference between Witty Free Trial and Witty Teams?

Witty Free Trial is a free version where you can try all features of Witty during two weeks. You can invite team membesr so that you can try out the team features together. Witty Teams is the paid plan you can buy 'off the shelf', e.g. you buy it online and pay by credit card. As soon as the payment is processed, all the features are unlocked. Witty Teams ensures a consistent inclusive and brand voice throughout your whole organization. 

How secure is Witty?

Witty keeps privacy and data security at the heart of our product, infrastructure, and company operations. We are stricter than many laws or competitors. Learn more about our security practices.

What's the difference between Witty Teams and Witty Enterprise?

From a certain size of a company, an organization must go through privacy and security assessments before they can purchase a Software-as-a-Service like Witty. They may also need certain customizations in order to fit Witty into their tools. In our first call, we will try to find out what your needs are and then make you an offer fitting to your complex structure. 

What forms of payment do we accept?

Witty Teams can only be paid via credit card, directly through the platform. We use Stripe as the payment processor. Accepted cards are Visa, Master, American Express or UnionPay. You can request an invoice if you're purchasing Witty Enterprise.


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