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The data shows that organizations that promote Diversity and Inclusion deliver better financial results. When D&I is left unaddressed, companies risk higher costs and lower employee performance. Creating inclusive cultures and communications used to be hard. But now it’s not.  Witty works to help companies operationalize inclusive cultures right from the start, and at low cost.

Confident Older Business Woman as Boss

«We insist on two diverse members in the Board when going for IPO. Because it drives premium returns.»

David Solomon

CEO Goldman Sachs


Non-inclusive executive communication can destroy careers, team motivation, and company cultures.

Non-inclusive executive communication creates career risk and toxic work environments. Protect executives and the company for the long term. Witty helps ensure that all company communication is inclusive and uses language as a mechanism to operationalize inclusive cultures. 


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Neglecting inclusion impacts financial success

Don’t wait. Inclusion isn't built in a day. Procrastination costs companies: Profits and innovation develop more slowly. And your brand becomes less attractive to customers and employees alike.

Profit margin development 2016-2021

Profits & innovation

Diverse executive teams deliver better EBIT results and report greater payoffs from innovation. Increase your competitive advantage with inclusion.
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79% of GenZ stops buying brands they regard as macho, racist, or homophobic.
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72% employees would leave or may consider leaving an organization for a more inclusive one. For 83% of Gen Z, a company’s commitment to inclusion is important when choosing an employer.

The solution

Witty helps executives protect themselves when they communicate. It uses language as a mechanism to create and operationalize inclusive cultures without cumbersome and costly training. Witty helps companies become diverse and inclusive quickly, scalably, and cost-effectively.

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Prevent sh*tstorms

Witty detects discriminating language and hidden bias in written language and communications and fixes it in real time by suggesting inclusive alternatives.
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Ensure consistent image

Witty streamlines brand voice in all communication and presents a consistent image to all stakeholders.
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Educate employees
Witty continuously educates all employees about bias by integrating it into daily operations with no change in workflow or processes. Awareness turns into inclusive behavior and creates inclusive culture.
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Measure your organization

Analytics help track organizational cultural development and identify where your management team should focus.

What our customers say

Building inclusive culture fast is hard. Traditional measures like training don't work. Witty enables the C-level to steer the development of company culture toward inclusion, quickly and effortlessly.

Protect yourself and build inclusive culture fast and worldwide

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