Witty works where you do

Witty is a browser plugin. Once installed on your preferred browser, Witty is there for you. Wherever you write on a web-based interface, Witty assists you to write inclusively. Giving you confidence and providing you with bias insights. 

Apps, CMS and editors

Are you designing a new website and writing up its content?
Are you creating user stories for your next app?
Or are you editing your company values?

Witty is here to support you with all these tasks to make sure that content shown to your customers or internal stakeholders is inclusive. 

Social Media

Writing engaging content is difficult enough. Witty helps you to make sure that it definitely is inclusive. 

The same counts for your email, going out to customers or colleagues. Make sure that everyone feels addressed.


Win the hearts of your customers and colleagues by making everyone feel seen and heard.

Team communication

Let Witty be your partner in creating inclusive content for your internal stakeholders.

People Systems

There are so many tools out there that help us with people related tasks like applicant tracking, organizational development, motivational tasks, performance reviews, quarterly goals, etc. 

Witty helps you to write inclusively when it comes to such internal communication. Because attracting and retaining talent is key in today's labour market. 

Want to make sure you write inclusively towards all your stakeholders?

Add the plugin to your browser. It's free!