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How does Witty's free version work?

Learn what you can do with Witty's free version.

We provide a free version of Witty, where you can try out all features during two weeks - no strings attached. 

  • With the free version of Witty, you get:

    1. Real-Time Problematic Term Detection: We help you spot non-inclusive terms in English and German across various diversity dimensions as you type. For each browser tab, we'll check the first 2000 characters. If you need to review longer text, simply copy and paste portions into our editor.

    2. Instant Alternative Suggestions: Witty suggests alternative words or phrases in real-time, making it easier to find more Inclusive Language.

    3. Micro-Learning on the Go: Access quick and informative micro-learning bites to enhance your understanding of diversity and communication.

    4. Customizable Diversity Dimensions: You have control over 40 different diversity dimensions. Turn them on or off according to your needs. When a dimension is active, Witty checks for basic unconscious biases. Please note that the advanced level is exclusively available in the paid version.

    5. Team Collaboration: Invite team members to join your workspace and improve your communication together.

    6. Brand Voice Dictionary: Create entries in your brand voice dictionary to maintain consistency in your messaging.

    7. In-Depth Analytics: Gain insights with analytics that help you identify bias traps in your communication and track your most frequently used problematic terms.

    8. Grammar & Spelling: Plus, we've got your back with grammar and spelling checks.

    At Witty Works, our aim is to support you in fostering more inclusive and effective communication. Enjoy our free version, and remember, there are no hidden fees. It's here to help you shine in your written communication.