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Witty doesn't work. What's the problem?

We are sorry to hear that Witty doesn't work. Let's find out why this is the case and what you can do about it.

Is Witty installed?

Witty is a browser plugin which you need to download first. Make sure you have downloaded Witty.

Are you logged in?

Make sure you are logged in. If you see the label "login" on your browser extension, click on it and log in.

Have you refreshed the page?

If you just have installed Witty, you need to reload your browser tab to see Witty work. 

Your text might already be written inclusively?

It's possible that your text is already written inclusively and Witty has no suggestion for your text. Here is how you can find it out:

Copy the following text into the text area in the browser tab you want to test. 
Hey guys, We are a very ambitious team where perseverance counts. Competition is our daily life and we love to be challenged. We are number 1 and innovation drives us. 

There should be about ten terms underlined in different colors. If this is the case, it means that Witty works well and your text is already perfect. Well done. 👍 If no term is underlined when you copy and paste this sentence, please fill in a bug report. 

Go to the editor

Go to the Witty Editor and see if something gets underlined there in the sample sentences. If so, Witty works correctly, and you can copy-paste your text here.

Send us a bug report

If you couldn't find out what the problem is, please fill in a bug report. We are here for you and we will get back to you as soon as possible.