Detect bias. Recruit and retain better. Foster inclusive culture.

Witty - the first and most effective AI-augmented tool to increase diversity in talent attraction. And with micro-learning, inclusive culture is built sustainably.

Diverse People

How Witty benefits your organization

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Talent Acquisition

Inclusive language is essential in attracting diverse talent. Without, recruiters won't find the best talent, just more of the same. 

  • With Witty:
  • 3x more applications from diverse talent
  • Recruiters become bias alert in interviews
  • 12x faster in writing inclusively, saving $107k / year
A team member guiding another on a computer, showcasing peer-to-peer learning in a tech workspace.

People & Culture

Retaining talent happens due to a culture where everyone feels they belong. Inclusive language is your driver for inclusion.

  • With Witty:
  • Increased bias awareness after only two days
  • Incremental behavior change kicks in after 10 days
  • Saving $210k / year, backing up trainings
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To be credible in DEI, it must come from the top. C-Level's way of communicating is crucial to make everyone feel seen. 

  • With Witty:
  • Prevent s**tstorms against managers and brand
  • Choose effective DEI measures based on organizational data
  • Saving $50k / year, replacing surveys

How Witty works

Detect bias

Witty analyzes text and highlights non-inclusive language in real time. Detect bias, simple and fast.

The sentence

Become bias aware, on-the-go

Witty provides in-context learning content about the bias behind language. Employees learn effortlessly about their own bias, integrated in their daily workflow. Learning mirros back on them and they adapt an inclusive, real-life behavior.

Immediately be inclusive

Click on underlined words and Witty will suggest inclusive alternatives. With a single click, text becomes inclusive - fast. Make everyone feel included quickly and easily.

The sentence
A mouse hovers over Analytics, and one sees the biased words most often used this week

Measure unconscious bias with analytics

Analytics gives your organization insights not only into your team's writing but also into the unconscious biases that are most prevalent on your team. And once you know that, you can more easily tackle the challenge of Diversity and Inclusion.


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LVMH accelerator Maison des Startups

We are honored to be part of the LVMH accelerator Maison des Startups from July 2024 onwards. Meet us at the beautiful  Station F in Paris, a unique campus and community in the heart of Paris!

HR Innovation Award France

At the HR Innovation Award in France, we have won the Bronze Medal in the category ‘Employer Branding’. Watch this video to hear the explanation of the jury at the Ceremony why they chose us.

Where Witty works

Witty works in Microsoft Word and as a browser extension in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.
No copy-pasting needed. 


Witty is SOC2 Type II certified

The SOC2 Type II certification is a significant achievement for any organization, showing a high level of commitment to data security and operational excellence. This certification means that Witty Works has undergone a rigorous audit to establish strict standards for managing and protecting customer data are implemented and operationalized.

Wins With Witty

Save $100'000

Human Resources

Job Descriptions

Writing job descriptions and employer branding content with Witty is fast and easy, increasing recruiters' productivity.

  • Traditional: Writing an inclusive job description manually: 90 min
  • With Witty: 35 min
  • Savings for HR in a mid-sized company: $107,200/year.
Save $200'000


Diversity Trainings

Witty is the sustainable alternative to traditional diversity training, reducing costs and bypassing ineffective methods.

  • Traditional: Diversity trainings of mid-management: $302,000 (incl. managers' time).
  • With Witty: Combination of 1 awareness session and digital micro-learning within the work process: $96,000
  • Savings in mid-sized company: $206,000.
Save 60 % of your time


Content Creation

Copywriters use Witty to craft inclusive content, stay updated with linguistic trends, and monitor ChatGPT's biases.

  • Traditional: Writing a blog post with inclusive language manually: 3.5 hours 
  • With Witty: 2.5 hours
  • With Witty + ChatGPT: 1.5 hours
  • Savings: 57% time savings or USD 100.00 per blog post
3x more applications from diverse talent


Talent Acquisition

Conventional business language in job descriptions and employer branding content deters diverse talents.

  • Traditional: Conventional business language: 5-10% applications
  • With Witty: Inclusive language: 30% applications

Why Witty works

Ensure inclusive communication

Detecting biased language, Witty will suggest inclusive alternatives in real time. Become aware of bias that deters your target groups; then start writing inclusively, for everyone.
See examples of inclusive writing.


Make inclusion stick and improve your culture

Witty provides in-context learning content about biases. Employees learn effortlessly, get to know their own biases better, and adapt their behavior in real life. Organizations develop an inclusive culture.

Scalable across the organization

Witty integrates effectively into your employees' daily workflow and allows organizations to measure inclusive behavior. You scale from one to many in no time, easily and quickly. 
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Portrait of diverse people and the Hashtag #LanguageMatters

The world is diverse; your writing should be too

The world is beautifully diverse. Witty enables you to use language that unlocks potential and aligns your brand with a sense of inclusion. Connect your values with everyday behaviors and operations.

















Make inclusion stick

Download Witty to operationalize inclusion and increase productivity.