🪖 Military-inspired lingo

Reframes the business landscape as a theater of war

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Military-inspired lingo

A military-inspired lingo is part of business communications in many organisations. While many terms favored in business are more inspired by movies about war than the reality of military life, this jargon is associated with a historically almost exclusively masculine environment. As such, it perpetuates a culture of masculinity that subtly prevents women from joining conversations in the workplace. Studies show we have different expectations for how men and women should communicate. Women who adopt more aggressive masculine speech patterns, such as military jargon, are perceived less favorably by their colleagues than women who conform to feminine speech patterns. Moreover, many people do not feel comfortable with the aggressive undertones of military lingo, regardless of gender.

What can you do?

Avoid military-inspired jargon wherever possible. In doing so, you contribute to the kind of inclusive culture women feel more comfortable to join, participate and succeed in.