🚫 Offensive language

Don't use foul language. Using offensive language can be subject to legal – or disciplinary – action.

Illustration: Eine Person flucht laut ins Handy. Zwei Personen stehen ausdruckslos daneben mit Fragezeichen in einer gemeinsamen Denkblase.

If you tend to use foul language to express anger or frustration, take a moment to step back and look at your cursing from the perspective of people around you. Using offensive language not only shapes how others see you professionally but also creates an abusive atmosphere.

Offensive words are calculated to wound, upset, anger, intimidate, or embarrass. And that’s how your audience is likely to read them, even when you curse in jest. Offensive language can constitute bullying or harassment – verbal, physical, social, or psychological abuse. Those who witness foul language go unchecked may read this as a signal that their shared environment is permissive toward abusive behavior.