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What is a browser extension?

Witty is a browser extension. But what is a browser extension, and how do I install it?

What is a browser extension?

A browser extension is a small software module that helps you with specific tasks and works within your web browser (like Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari).  An extension adds features and functions to your browser.  Some of them help you sync your calendar (like Google Calendar), create videos (like Loom), or keep your passwords secure (like LastPass).

You can use many different browser extensions at the same time. For Chrome, for example, there are about 190,000 extensions you can install. 

Witty is such an extension. It helps you to write inclusively.

How do I install a browser extension?

It is very easy to install a browser extension, and usually, it is not necessary to talk to your IT department. You never need to talk to the manufacturers of other software to install an extension. For example, you don't need to talk to the manufacturers of Google Doc, Workday or SAP to make Witty work. Extensions are built to work "on top" of these web applications.

Installing a browser extension is done very quickly.

  • You simply go to the extension store of your browser. For Chrome, you can find all available extensions here.
  • You find and select the extension you want. To install Witty, simply click here
  • You click on Add to Chrome.

You can find your browser extensions in your browser bar by clicking on the puzzle icon. Or, if you have pinned it already, it will show up next to the puzzle icon with its own branded icon.

What is the difference between installing a browser extension and installing a software program?

To install a software program, you often need to talk to your IT department.  If you want to install a software program, you must first download it from the internet, click on the downloaded file, and then follow the instructions in the dialog box that appears. The software program is then installed on the hard drive of your computer and can be found under Programs or Applications.

A browser plugin is much simpler to install and is just a small piece of software that is added to your browser in one click. An extension is not saved on the hard drive of your computer under Programs or Applications. To install it, you don't necessarily need to talk to your IT department, and certainly not to the providers of software that you use. 


Here you go.

Go ahead and install Witty 🚀!