Write inclusively throughout your whole organization

Seamlessly implement inclusive language in your organization, ensuring consistent and inclusive communication and conversation. Trigger an inclusive culture through language.

Our whole team is ambitious and strives for top performance.
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Customize Witty for your team

As team lead you decide which language rules should work for everyone. For example: Make sure that the whole team works with the same gender forms or pays particular attention to a certain diversity dimension. 

Implement your brand voice

Gone are the days of brand voice guidelines on paper that no one applies. With Witty, you create a dictionary that gets applied by every member of your team. From now on, you can be sure that everyone is writing in the same brand voice.

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Ensure privacy

We are serious about this: Unlike Grammarly or Textio who give themselves permission to store all the text that you write, you can entirely disable text data collection in Witty. Read about our data collection policy here.

Features built for Teams

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Every employee logs in as always. Our solutioin is integrated into your organziation's IT infrastructure.
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Privacy and security

Next to high standards for privacy and security, you can go further and request a private cloud. 
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Team collaboration

Invite your team members, create language rules and together implement inclusive language fast. 
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Onboard international teams with live sessions about the effect of inclusive language.

What our clients say

Rolling-out inclusive language in a consistent manner is hard, particularly in globally active organizations. Witty, being a cloud-based Software, makes it easy and effortless.

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«It's important to us to reach all our stakeholders in an appreciative way. With Witty, we're in the best expert's hands when it comes to inclusive writing.»
Gabriela Thalmann
Gabriela Thalmann

- HR Business Partner

«We learned to write inclusively in our communication. But much more: we realized our own flaws based on unconscious bias.»
Andrea Bachmann

- Diversity Marketing

«Witty was great to integrate into our daily work routine thanks to its quick and easy application. It has raised our awareness of inclusive language and is thus absolutely recommendable.»
Carolin Ahrens
Carolin Ahrens

- HR Management

Build inclusive cultures, fast and worldwide

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