🙄 Empty words

Undermine or distract from your message

To connect and engage your audience, avoid empty words and generic messages.

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Advanced Example

Empty words are everywhere. They promise an attractive salary, tempt us with a flat hierarchy, or offer personalized customer experiences. These words are so vague and over-used, they’ve become meaningless. Empty words bore and annoy us. And the vagueness can feel calculated - like hiding because someone can’t or won’t be tangible. You want to help people connect with your message in a meaningful way? Be authentic. Be specific. Use numbers and vivid examples.


Sure, we can identify easy opportunities. But what we love most as an inventive agency in digital marketing is to have a measurable effect on your sales with lead-generation campaigns that focus on emerging trends


Sure, we can identify low-hanging fruit. But what we love most as an innovative agency in digital marketing is to move the needle on your sales lead-generation campaigns that go outside the box.

Doesn't resonate with

  • People working under time constraints, multi-tasking, or managing with a shorter attention span
  • People from diverse language backgrounds and people with different ways of processing language
  • People whose first language isn't English
  • People looking for a credible source of information to make up their mind about something

Dig deeper

While empty words and generic expressions are frustrating, you may feel they’re mostly harmless. They’re not. They affect overall business success and the bottom line.

  • Empty words limit your talent pipeline. Vagueness in job ads puts off qualified people who prefer tangibility and transparency. Why invest time in applying if a company isn’t upfront about the facts you need to make an informed decision?
  • Tired clichés render your brand invisible. With generic messages out of the blah-blah dictionary of business, your marketing, advertising, and talent acquisition sound like everybody else. How can audiences see what makes you different?
  • Foggy company values, vision, and mission leave people cold – or confused about their purpose. Working together toward shared milestones is challenging when the overall goal and purpose remain obscure. And corporate speak won't tell you how to get there.
Vivid language and specific messages help people see you, relate to you, and understand what’s essential to you.


Figure: 41 percent feel left out and disengaged by excessive use of business jargon. Source: myperfectresume.com, business jargon study 2021 Figure: 33% of workers use business jargon terms whose meaning they don’t know. Source: myperfectresume.com, business jargon study 2021

In other words

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